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The BoomGuard is made from a highly durable and flexible plastic called Elastomer. The universal design features an adjustable, belt style attachment which allows the Microphone Shield Device to attach to almost any style of communication headset. The idea behind the BoomGuard is to offer protection as a competitive advantage by shielding the users’ lips and helping to eliminate the possibility of lip reading in certain sports. Other practical applications include Crew Chiefs for racing, Football Coaches and the Military. The BoomGuard also provides a great opportunity for advertising/marketing space or a team logo!


Our product was first featured on Channel 12 News (Long Island, New York) on September 25th, 2009.

BoomGuard applications have been used by Long Island area high school coaches as well as multiple racing teams.

Purpose of the Microphone Shield Device

  • To shield the users’ lips and protect them from having their opponents obtain critical information
  • To function as a profanity guard
  • Provides opportunity for advertising/marketing space or team logo

Why worry about card holding…

CoachGuard 047a

…when you can focus on play calling

CoachGuard 024b


Who can benefit from the Microphone Shield Device?

  • Headset Manufacturers
  • Sports Teams; NFL, CFL. Arena Football League, NCAA-College, High School Coaches
  • Advertising/Marketing Companies Video Game Industry
  • Military Police Department Sporting Good Stores
  • Motor Sports: NASCAR NHRA Formula One Moto GP
  • Individuals/Teams who already own communication headsets

Additional Benefits

  • Microphone Shield Device protects from external noise factors
  • Can be offered in a variety of colors

CoachGuard 036a CoachGuard 019a CoachGuard 013

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